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Zagreb/Prague, July 2016 – DPS International became the member of the RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS as a representative of Croatia and strengthened thus the position of the international network in the CEE region. Clients of DPS International will appraise broadening of the DPS International´s services thanks to the specialists working for RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS across the Europe and Central Asia and Caucasia.


“We are enjoying the full support of dedicated teams of specialists for risk management and various kind of insurance,” says Igor Soviček, director of DPS International.


DPS International will further operate as independent broker. Partnership with RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS opens for DSP International new possibilities with servicing clients in member states and develops its know-how and services for clients.


“I am very glad to welcome on board our respectful Croatian partner Igor Soviček and his team. We choose our partners wisely so that we are synchronized with our values and goals, and that is providing the best services for our clients anywhere in the world,” says Alžběta Gyulaffyová, director of RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS.

The situation around COVID-19 is changing every minute. All of us at DPS RENOMIA are doing our best to manage it calmly and responsibly. We are continuously monitoring the situation on the insurance market and would like to reassure you, that all our services remain fully at your disposal. DPS RENOMIA is here to support you in any way we can and answer any relevant questions.

If you have any questions regarding insurance, do not hesitate to contact Igor Soviček (igor.sovicek@dps.hr), Marko Stanojčić (marko.stanojcic@dps.hr) or Ada Sučić (ada.sucic@dps.hr).

Situacija oko COVID-19 mijenja se svake minute. Svi u DPS RENOMIA daju sve od sebe da to riješe mirno i odgovorno. Cijelo oco vrijeme pratimo situaciju na tržištu osiguranja i voljeli bismo Vas uvjeriti da su Vam naše usluge u potpunosti na raspolaganju. DPS RENOMIA je tu da Vas podrži na bilo koji način te odgovori na eventualna pitanja.

Ako imate pitanja vezana za osiguranje, slobodno se javite: Igor Soviček (igor.sovicek@dps.hr), Marko Stanojčić (marko.stanojcic@dps.hr) ili Ada Sučić (ada.sucic@dps.hr).